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Ellen Douglas Williamson

Ellen Douglas Williamson's father, George II, left the family homestead in Canada and settled for a time in Dixon, Illinois then moving to Waterloo, Iowa.

He was involved with building railroads. Through the Presbyterian church he met Robert Stuart and invested in his oatmeal business. Their sons later grew that business into Quaker Oats.

Ellen Douglas Williamson graduated from Vassar College in 1927.

Mrs. Williamson wrote ''Wall Street Made Easy - An Unconventional Guide to Profitable Investing.'' It was based on her business career, which included working as a trainee at the Guaranty Trust Company's bond school and 26 years as a director of Hazeltine & Perkins, a drug company in Grand Rapids, Mich. She also wrote ''Spend Yourself Rich'' and ''When We Went First Class''.

Ellen Douglas Williamson was a patron of the Metropolitan Opera Company in New York, and Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She donated her stamp collection to the latter institution.

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