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Amos Eno

Amos Eno was related to another Amos Eno, who started out selling dry goods in Simsbury Conn. and expanded into New York real estate. The elder Eno (1810-1898) built the Fifth Avenue Hotel and established a prominent family fortune, of which the New York real estate alone was estimated at twenty million dollars at the time of his death.

Amos Eno the stamp collector was a member of the Class of 1932 at Princeton, where he roomed with Laurence Rockefeller his sophomore year.

Amos Eno formed an important collection of United States stamps. He bought the block of eight with the unique plate number in the 1944 Colonel Green sale, and broke off the four left stamps.

The Amos Eno stamp collection was sold in 1954 by Harmer, Rooke and Co.

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