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Marcy Chanin

Marcy Chanin was president of Chanin Management Inc., a real estate firm in New York City.

According to the Hunter College website, as builders, the Chanin family popularized a streamlined, art deco style of architecture epitomized by their high rise apartment buildings on Central Park West and the Chanin Building at 42nd Street and Lexington Avenue, the first skyscraper in the Grand Central area. He was the son of Irwin S. Chanin, the architect and builder who constructed the Art Deco towers of the Majestic and Century apartments on Central Park West and who gave his name to the School of Architecture at Cooper Union.

Other Chanin innovations include one of the nation's first malls and the first major post-World War II shopping center on Long Island, Green Acres in Valley Stream.

The Chanins were well known for their active role in Jewish philanthropy. Together, they occupied leadership positions with the American Jewish Congress. A comprehensive high school and sports center outside Tel Aviv was built through the couple's efforts, as well as The Paul R. and Marcy Chanin Genetic Engineering Building at the Technion University. Mr. Chanin was a founding board member of the Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University.

The Chanins - Leona and Marcy - were instrumental in the creation of The Leona and Marcy Chanin Language Center at Hunter College. Mr. Chanin passed away in 1997.

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