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Lambert W Gerber

Example of an old Lambert Gerber auction catalogue
Example of an old Lambert Gerber auction catalogue
Lambert Gerber (c.1915-1981) was a stamp dealer who was born and lived in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania. He ran regular auctions from Tamaqua, but his greatest claim to fame (or infamy) was his involvement in the Miller Collection, which was stolen from the New York Public Library in May of 1977. After his death, 69 of the 153 stolen stamps were recovered from Gerber's stock through a grand jury subpoena on his estate. He had also previously sold some others, including an Inverted Jenny (Position 18). In 2012 additional stolen items from the Miller Collection, including a 30c 1869 Invert, were recovered from the estate of someone who had purchased them from Gerber.

For an article on the recovery, see the following article from the October 17, 1984 Toledo Blade newspaper

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