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Ellwood R Burdsall

Ellwood Burdsall in 1924
Ellwood Burdsall in 1924
Ellwood Richard Burdsall (1906-1964) was a graduate of Swarthmore College (class of 1927). His father, Richard H. Burdsall, was a prominent industrialist in Port Chester N.Y., who assembled a large farm in Great Barrington between 1911 and 1915, which was also used as their summer home. After Ellwood married, he and his wife moved to the farm full time in 1932, where he became a gentleman farmer.

Ellwood was a resident of Great Barrington Mass. He was also a birthright member of Purchase. (N.Y.) Meeting Quaker group.

After his wife's death, the farm and that of his neighbors were mostly donated to the Berkshires Natural Resources Council.

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