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Ronald Bassey

Ron Bassey is an attorney and a CPA. He obtained a business degree from the University of Michigan and a law degree from Harvard Law School. After law school, in 1964, he returned home to the Detroit area, joining then national CPA firm, Touche Ross & Co.,now part of Deloitte. After rising through the ranks, he left to practice law in 1970. He led his firm, Bassey and Selesko, to become the largest tax oriented law firm in Michigan a tthe time. After a long and distinguished career in accounting and law, he joined his son’s company, advising on legal matters.

Mr. Bassey was an active volunteer in the Michigan and national organizations of both the accounting and law professions, becoming widely known throughout the U.S. Collecting stamps is in his blood. Mr. Bassey’s father and grandfather both collected stamps, and introduced him to collecting at age 6. He was given the thinnest album his parents could find. After filling it up he moved on to a Scott international album. In the 1970s he felt like trying to buy every American postage stamp in mint condition and went at it with his usual zeal.

Being a collector at heart, he tried collecting cars, but after breaking the taillight of a1903 automobile and the cast iron brake pedal from a 1922 model, he decided to sell his cars and return to stamps.

Mr. Bassey was greeted at Harvard Law School in 1961 by then law school dean, Erwin N. Griswold, who did his best to scare everyone into working hard. Little did Mr. Bassey know, but Griswold was a fellow stamp collector, having bought his own C3a (Position94) in 1960, the year before their meeting. Ron joined Griswold as a fellow Inverted Jenny owner with his purchase in 1977.

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