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Kenneth E Daugherty

Ken and Joan Daugherty
Ken and Joan Daugherty
Dr. Ken Daugherty (1938-2018) grew up in Brentwood Penn. And used with spend time with his father sorting stamps. His father, Ken, was a part time vest pocket dealer while getting degrees in Chemistry.

According to www.kennethdaugherty.com , Dr. Kenneth Daugherty has made a mark in different fields. Dr. Daugherty first attended Carnegie-Mellon University and earned a BS in chemistry in 1960. In 1965, he received a PhD in analytical chemistry and furthered his formal education with a Master in Business Economics from Claremont Graduate School in 1971.

Throughout the 1960s, Dr. Daugherty worked as a chemist for several different intuitions. He started teaching chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh in 1971 and went on to teach at North Texas State University. In 1981, Dr. Daugherty made the decision to open his own firm, the research company Trac Laboratories. Dr. Daugherty holds a patent in cement composition that was filed in 1977. In addition to his work in chemistry, Dr. Daugherty served as a colonel in the US Army from 1964 to 1966. He continued as a colonel with the US Army Reserve from 1966 to 1995.

Dr. Daugherty fulfilled a lifelong dream by acquiring not one but two examples of the Inverted Jenny.

Part of the above information was taken from Stamp of the Century by Kellen Diamanti and Deborah Fisher.

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