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Mabel Green

Mabel Green in 1936, just after Colonel Green's death
Mabel Green in 1936, just after Colonel Green's death
Mabel Green was Colonel Edward H.R. Green's wife. Her maiden name was Mabel E. Harlow. She was a dancer and prostitute in Chicago when Colonel Green first met her. He waited until July 10, 1917 to marry her, shortly after his mother passed away.

Mabel and Edward met in Chicago 24 years earlier when she was practicing her trade as an exotic dancer and prostitute. She left the smitten Edward to marry another man. Some time later, Edward and Mabel reunited in Texas, and he hired the voluptuous redhead to be his "housekeeper" on a more permanent basis.

During the years Edward and Mabel were together, he lavished gifts on her. In fact, the Inverted Jenny locket was a relatively modest gift. When they were together in Texas, the Colonel -- a title granted to him by the governor -- had a custom Pullman railroad car embellished with Mabel's name. Soon after the two married, the Colonel gave Mabel a $50,000 diamond-studded chastity belt. It is unlikely that Mabel wore either the belt or the Locket Copy. When the Greens decided to travel to Florida in 1924, they occupied two private railroad cars to transport the Colonel, his masseuse, valet, chauffeur, stamp and coin secretaries, Mabel and her girl companion, their personal maids and a half-dozen of Edward's so-called "protegees".

Col. Green's death in 1936 caused a legal battle between his sister and his widow. Green's estate was estimated to be worth $44,384,000. Green did have Mabel sign a prenuptial agreement which limited her to a $1,500 monthly stipend, which she challenged in court. She settled for $500,000. Mabel kept her Inverted Jenny locket and left it to a trusted companion when she died in 1950. In George Amick's book Jenny!, he tells the story of the Locket Copy. Amick was allowed by the owner to photograph it at the Bank of New York.

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