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Nicolas Sanabria

From the A.P.S. website:

(November 4, 1889 – December 1, 1945)

"Sanabria was a world-famous specialist dealer, auctioneer and cataloguer of aerophilately. He began his career as a stamp dealer in 1927. His auctions of mainly air mail material began in 1931 and continued through the rest of his life. His Sanabria's Air Post Journal began in 1935 and was continued after his death by his son Nicholas Sanabria.

In 1936 Sanabria acquired the catalog name, Standard Catalog of Airpost Stamps, from the Scott Stamp and Coin Co., and published three editions of it in 1936, 1937 and 1939. In 1940 he renamed it Sanabria's Airpost Catalogue, and dropped all connections with Scott. He continued to improve and expand it into the airpost catalog of record. The Sanabria Catalog became the most famous in the world of aerophilately; Sanabria was working on the 1946 edition of the catalog when he died. "

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