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Arthur K.M. Woo

Dr. Arthur K.M. Woo started collecting stamps in Hong Kong after World War II ended. He has amassed one of the greatest collections of worldwide philatelic rarities ever assembled. His Inverted Jenny is just a small portion of his philatelic holdings.

He is a patient and disciplined collector. His first bid on an Inverted Jenny was in the early 1980’s, and he did not acquire one until 2012, when he finally obtained one of the better-centered examples (Position 48).

He is also a prolific philatelic researcher and exhibitor. He meticulously researches his topics, and then develops a plan for acquiring the key rarities necessary for forming many meaningful collections. He also identifies key rarities in areas outside of his exhibits for his personal collection of worldwide philatelically important items.

Dr. Woo has exhibited over 100 times, achieving Gold or better award levels in almost all competitions.

In 2015 a 240-page hard bound very limited edition book was published and sold by Brian Moorhouse in England. They were sold to philatelists all over the world and was sold out less than a month after being published.

This book illustrates many of the worldwide rarities owned by Dr. Woo, as well as highlights from his exhibits. Among the many items shown are rare Postmasters’ Provisionals from the United States, the unique “Ice House” cover with the 90c 1869 Issue, the Brazil Pack Strip, Post Office Mauritius stamps, Hawaiian Missionaries, five examples of the Western Australia Inverted Frame, the Uruguay 180c error of color, the unique top margin strip of three of the Switzerland Double Geneva with imprint, and many others too numerous to mention.

Dr. Woo holds medical degrees from McGill University and has practiced medicine both in the United States and abroad. He did not spend much time with his stamp collections until after he semi-retired from his profession in the early 1990’s.

An avid golfer, passionate ornithologist and loyal New York Yankees fan, Dr. Woo has traveled the world to increase his knowledge of these subjects. He is also an accomplished piano player, favoring the works of Carmen Cavallaro, whose playing was featured in the classic movie “The Eddy Duchin Story”.

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