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Stanley M Piller

A New York native, Stanley Piller was bitten by the philatelic bug when he was 10 years old. He began dealing in stamps on an informal basis at age 13. His cousin, Abe Gittler, who was about his fathers age at the time, and a dealer on Nassau Street, gave him his first covers to sell.

Stanley graduated from Cooper Union in NY with a Bachelor of Engineering (BE). He then went on to the University of Southern California for his masters in chemical engineering.

In 1976, Stanley took the plunge and purchased the stamp store business of O. Jack Taylor in Oakland.

His philatelic endeavors in the area of US Classics are well known. In 1991, Stanley authored the book New York Postmaster's Provisional . A specialized study of this rare stamp, including proofs, plating, the paper, covers and forgeries. Considered the definitive work by all students of this specialty.

For several years he contributed articles to Scott's Monthly Journal. And back when The Stamp Collector was a young magazine based in Oregon, Piller was one of the first dealers to be profiled.

Stanley also is a expertizer for the PSE, PF and APS.

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