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Katharine Matthies

Miss Katharine Matthies
Miss Katharine Matthies
Katharine Matthies was born August 26, 1903, the daughter of George E. Matthies and Annie Wooster Matthies. Members of her family were leading industrialists in Seymour Conn. throughout much of the past century. They played a major role in the economic development of the town.

Miss Matthies lived a very active life and had a wide range of interests. She collected books, stamps, coins, paintings, jewelry and Netsukes. Among her pursuits were photography, trout fishing and an enjoyment of the outdoors. She was very active in the national, state and local societies of the Daughters of the American Revolution. In addition, she served for many years on the Seymour Board of Library Directors. She was involved with many community and charitable activities and supported many youth programs. Katharine Matthies was an extremely generous individual and benefactor of her community. She passed away in 1987.

She is best known in the stamp collecting community for her collection of Angell Patriotic covers, which was sold by Siegel Auction Galleries in 1969. The catalogue can be downloaded from the Siegel website

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