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Robert R Hall

Robert was born in Los Angeles in 1926 and served the country in World War II as a telecommunications expert. After the war, he attended and graduated from Kenyon College in Ohio. Although he majored in mathematics, he became the only horticulturist to ever graduate from his alma mater.

After working to acquire the requisite knowledge of the flower industry, he started his own business in Encinitas, California, growing chrysanthemums, carnations, and poinsettias for the Christmas season, among other plants. Robert was instrumental in the implementation of many industry-changing developments, including the use of plastic greenhouses, electric lighting to stimulate plant growth, and the incorporation of air freight, which opened up the world market of perishable products.

The genesis for the Robert R. Hall collection of U.S. stamps began before Robert existed. His father, Bruce, collected stamps as a hobby in the earlier part of the 20th century. This interest in stamps was passed on to Martha (Robert’s older sister) and to Robert. Robert quietly continued adding to the collection and sharing his experiences with his sister.

As Robert was nearing retirement, his focus and passion for stamps and their history intensified. Robert shared this interest with his children: Bruce, Rob, and John. Bruce had the most interest in philately, and he spent many years by Robert’s side assisting him in improving the collection.

The Robert R. Hall Collection was sold by Siegel Auction Galleries in April 2015.

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