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Kerby E Confer

According to the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters, "Kirby Confer's first job was selling measuring cups and handmade potholders (which he made) door to door when he was 9 years old. A resident of Williamsport, Pa., Kirby landed his first radio job at the age of 16 working for Galen (Dave) Castlebury at WMPT, Williamsport.

Kerby Scott (on-air name) was soon moving up to an announcing position with WHGB in Harrisburg, Pa., WKVA in Lewistown, Pa. and WARM in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Pa. Baltimore's WCAO soon recruited him to come south in 1965. One year later, Kerby moved over to television and hosted Baltimore's premiere teen dance show on WBAL-TV. He emceed the Beatle's first U.S. concert and interviewed many major singing talents during his time with WBAL.

Marvin Mervis was an Annapolis broadcaster. Recovering from a heart attack, Mervis convinced Kerby that his next career move should be into sales and offered him a piece of WYRE. Thus began Kerby's sales and management training. When WYRE sold several years later, Kerby had the capital to begin buying stations. In 1975, Kerby and boyhood friend and fellow broadcaster, Paul Rothfuss, bought WILQ/WLYC in Williamsport and within a few years, Keymarket Communications was born. Keymarket grew through station acquisition and mergers with River City and Sinclair Broadcasting.

Since 1969, Kerby has owned an interest in and operated more than 180 station licenses and is still active in 70 properties.

In 1991, Kerby and Carol Logan, Donald Al and Lynn Deppen purchased WFBG AM/FM in Altoona and formed what is now Forever Broadcasting. The latter is the licensee of more than 30 radio stations in Pennsylvania.

Kerby has long been a leader in civic affairs. He has won numerous community awards and is well known for his charitable and industry work.

Mr. Confer purchased the unique Inverted Jenny plate block at the 1989 Weills Brothers sale, and owned it until 2005, when it was sold by Siegel Auction Galleries for a world-record $2,970,000.

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