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John Crichton-Stuart, 5th Marquess of Bute

5th Marquess of Bute
5th Marquess of Bute
John Crichton-Stuart, the 5th Marquess of Bute, was born August 4, 1907 and passed away August 14, 1956. On his father's side, the 5th Marquess was a direct male-line descendant of Robert II of Scotland through John Stewart, his illegitimate son by Moira Leitch. On his mother's side, the 5th Marquess was a descendant of William IV of the United Kingdom through Elizabeth Hay, Countess of Erroll, one of his illegitimate daughters by his mistress, Dorothea Jordan. As such, the 5th Marquess was the first member of the Bute family to be descended from William IV.

On 26 April 1932, he married Lady Eileen Beatrice Forbes (1912–1993) a daughter of Bernard Forbes, 8th Earl of Granard and Beatrice Mills Forbes, an American socialite who was the daughter of Ogden Mills and a descendant of the Livingston family and the Schuyler family from New York.

The 5th Marquess was an expert ornithologist; in 1931 he bought the islands of St Kilda to preserve them as a bird sanctuary, leaving them to the National Trust for Scotland in 1956.

He inherited his copy of the Inverted Jenny, Position 63, after his father passed away in 1947. After his death in 1956, his collection was sold in 1959 by Robson Lowe in London.

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